WhistlePig Toys

Building Hints

New to building?  Not sure what to do? Read the instructions twice, put the pieces together without glue to see how they fit, look at the pictures and arrange your parts so they look the same as in the picture, and then read the instructions again


We recommend white glue, such as Elmer's Glue All, or Elmer's Carpenters glue. Don't use too much! A thin layer is all that's required.

Holding parts together

Clear tape can be used to hold parts while the glue dries.  Another choice is a clothespin, but make sure it won't crush the wood. If you have a clamp, like the one in the picture above, that works too!

Building surface

A flat surface is essential when building airplanes.  Protect it with paper, and use wax paper to keep glue from sticking to it.

Decorating your planes

If you choose to decorate your plane, we recommend using markers rather than paint.  Paint adds a lot of weight, and planes fly best when they are light.  Test your markers on some of the scrap wood before using them to make sure the color comes out the way you want, and that the ink doesn't cause the wood to warp.


Repairing your plane is almost as easy as building it.  The most important thing is to make sure the parts go back togther without twists or bends.  Weight repaired parts down on your building surface while the the glue dries to keep them flat and straight.