WhistlePig Toys

WhistlePig Toys

Not as Boring as Homework!


Have we got a deal for you - THREE catapult gliders in a single kit package. The FF-12A, B, and C are similar, yet different. All have the same size main wing, and the same size horizontal tail/canard, but in different shapes. Which flies best? You do the test!

Buy them here: FF-12 Catapult Glider 3-Pack

Comes with a detailed six page manual for accurate construction and successful flying. Great for science projects and just "plane" fun!


You can build a gadget to help with balancing if you want. It's easy, and the plans are free!

Do you have a hankering for a REAL airplane?

Well, look no further. Every airplane that WhistlePig offers is a REAL airplane - because they all fly. Perhaps you meant that you wanted one that *looks like* a real airplane. Well, WhistlePig is proud to announce the addition of two scale models to its collection of Real Airplanes: The P-40C and the Ki-43-II in 1/52nd scale. Both are made of quality balsa wood and feature authentic details. Don't let the small size fool you, these are excellent flyers. Each kit features alignment tools to give you a straight build every time. Just right for the modeler looking for a new challenge.