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The WhistlePig FF-7 got a write up in Model Airplane News.
Richard Magin of Western Springs Illinois writes:
Happy Landings

I teach an after school class on building flying models (Up, Up, and Away) at the Park District in Western Springs Illinois. This past term I used the FF-1 glider for one of the classes (three boys, one girl, all 8 - 10 years old). The building and flying went very well. The instructions and laser cut parts are clear and easy to use. To speed the construction, my co-instructor and I assembled the wing with the proper dihedral before the class, so all the students had to do was punch out and assemble the fuselage, nose and tail pieces. We let them each try to figure out how to put the models together (two students to a table and one instructor for each two students). Once they got the parts all lined up one of the instructors applied medium super glue so we can fly them at the end of the 50 minute class (home builders can use white glue). We also installed a short loop of black thread through a pin hole at the CG marked on the fuselage, so the glider could be balanced after assembly.

We test glided the planes in the hall and then after trim adjustments took them outside. It was very windy (20 mph), so the mass launch spread the models all over the parking lot. Next time I use this model I will reserve the basketball court so we can fly them without wind. Nevertheless, the gliders flew well in the wind, and the model will loop nicely when launched hard into the wind, or across the wind. I gave out prizes of other kits ( FF-7, P40C and FF-11, Ki-43-II) for the best flights

Overall, I think this is an excellent kit for beginners: simple to build, flies well, and easy to repair. I recommend it as a home project or for assembly by a small group - with supervision. Thanks again for the interesting model.

Richard L Magin